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Top 10 Pharma and Life Sciences Analytics Consulting/Services Companies in UK - 2019


In today’s day and age, pharma and life sciences industry is witnessing data deluge. Data is being continuously generated by the proliferation of various sources such as personal medical devices, social media, electronic medical records, and more. With such a humongous amount of data available in the field, analytics has the potential to transform the industry. It can have a profound impact in many significant areas including strategising the intent of the patient to real world results, early detection of treatment and prescription patterns and accomplishing the operational excellence to drive through the intellectual journey of the patient. Additionally, actionable insights obtained from the data sets, can help in making informed decisions, create new products, enhance customer experience, and bolster operations.

Although analytics is being widely adopted across the industry, many loose ends remain that require an expert to fix them. The need for better tools and processes to make the industry players understand their customer needs still exists. Besides, missing out on analytics-driven insights is affecting the real-world impact of their business strategies and transforming into substantial losses in a few cases. Hence, the need arises for a skilled partner to internalise the insights generated from analytics into an organisation's day-to-day operating model and track execution against strategy.

To assist organisations in choosing the right partner, Pharma Tech Outlook has compiled a list of Top 10 Pharma and Life Sciences Analytics Service Providers in the UK for the year 2019. We are glad to feature companies such as LucidQuest. Based out of London, LucidQuest offers forward-looking insights that help solve clients’ most pressing business issues by using targeted research methodology. The list also comprises of companies such as Data Magik, that provides a comprehensive range of statistical consultancy, statistical programming, and data management services for any stage in a clinical trial within the healthcare and pharma industry.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories, these organisations are continually proving their mettle in the field of pharma and life sciences industry. We hope this edition of the Pharma Tech Outlook helps you build robust analytical strategies.

We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Pharma and Life Sciences Analytics Service Providers UK - 2019.”

    Top Pharma and Life Sciences Analytics Consulting/Services Companies in UK

  • LucidQuest, a Pharma and Life Sciences Analytics solution provider, offers forward-looking insights that help solve clients’ most pressing business issues by using targeted research methodology. The company reverse-engineers clients’ business issues and identifies the answers they need through a combination of targeted data mining and primary research. By capturing the best of primary research and data analytics, LucidQuest provides fast, reliable, and forward-looking insights for customers. LucidQuest’s Intelligence services combine primary research with targeted data research and analytics. Here, clients receive forward-looking insights, packaged in bespoke reports which contain conclusions and recommendations, helping them solve their business issues

  • Analytics8


    As a data and analytics consultancy, Analytics8 helps companies translate their data into meaningful and actionable information. The enterprise provides data and analytics consulting services that allow companies to make smart, data-driven decisions. Analytics8 partners with its clients to transform their data into knowledge and unlock valuable information so they can move from insights to action. The business offers solutions in Business Intelligence, data warehousing, data strategy, data visualization, data science, data architecture, data prep, software evaluation, managed services, data and analytics, location analytics, tool training, data governance, and others

  • CE Consultancy

    CE Consultancy

    CE Consultancy is specialists in helping pharmaceutical and healthcare companies transform their commercial models in order to increase sales & productivity, drive operational efficiencies and develop the capabilities of their sales and marketing teams. The enterprise prides itself on its ability to deliver practical and innovative solutions, which lead to measurable and sustainable improvements in commercial effectiveness to maximize sales and profit. CE Consultancy has over 40 years of experience working for pharmaceutical and other healthcare organizations. Having worked in roles such as head of commercial effectiveness, senior business line manager, sales force effectiveness manager and business analytics manager, their consultants have a wealth of real-life experience to draw upon to ensure any project is successful

  • Data Magik

    Data Magik

    Founded in 1999, the Data Magik provides a complete range of statistical consultancy, statistical programming, and data management services for any aspect of customer’s clinical trial within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. The enterprise works across all development phases, from early phase I to later multi-country, multi-center phase III. The enterprise’s services have been audited and approved by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency)

  • Fios Genomics

    Fios Genomics

    Fios Genomics is a provider of an extensive range of bioinformatic data analysis services to Pharma, CROs and academia for drug discovery & development and applied research across all species. The enterprise offers solutions in bioinformatics, data mining & integration, microarray, NGS, proteomics, metabolomics, biological interpretation, bioinformatics data analysis, bioinformatics workflows, data analysis, experiment design, drug repurposing, clinical trial, biomarkers, CRISPR, machine learning, and NGS data analysis. Fios Genomic’s specialized team of bioinformaticians, statisticians and biologists are able to analyze and interpret any genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic & metabolomic data, independent of the platform used

  • Global Analytics Leadership

    Global Analytics Leadership

    Global Analytics Leadership works in partnership with its clients, ensuring its leadership and expertise optimizes pharmaceutical commercial and R&D operations. The enterprise collaborates with its clients in pharmaceuticals and healthcare, delivering value from analytics methods including data science, operational research, statistics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Global Analytics’s experience includes working through global consulting firms such as Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM and PA Consulting Group, global suppliers of pharmaceuticals and healthcare market intelligence including IMS Health and GlobalData and a number of multi-year interim roles for global pharmaceutical companies

  • Methods Analytics

    Methods Analytics

    Methods Analytics is a leading-edge technology business using the latest techniques and methodologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and predictive analytics, to enable business success. The enterprise offers a solution in the public sector, healthcare, and clinical intelligence and analysis. Methods provide a range of its analysis free to everyone through Methods Stethoscope, which includes affordable subscription options for NHS (National Health Service) professionals to get a deeper understanding of their organization

  • Mirador Analytics

    Mirador Analytics

    Mirador Analytics Ltd is a data and analytics company working within healthcare data and the pharmaceutical sector. The business’s tools and services provide the analytical rigor to support: statistical disclosure risk assessments, data compliance, commercial planning, strategic decision making, and risk analysis. Mirador applies extensive knowledge and experience to the client’s company data and insights, along with external data, to generate clear outputs that are relevant to the customer’s organization. The enterprise specializes in analytics, health dataset statistical disclosure risk analysis, prevalence based forecasting, asset evaluation, KOL identification, customer identification, data analysis, portfolio prioritization, LCM Planning, health data compliance, and HIPAA Compliance

  • Skyland Analytics

    Skyland Analytics

    Founded in 2015, Skyland Analytics helps life science companies and their CMOs streamline product, process, and patient data management by offering cloud-based software solutions that ensure Part 11-compliant data transparency and integrity throughout the product lifecycle and supply chain. Skyland PIMS is the first purpose-built, easily validatable manufacturing informatics solution for a product, process, patient and batch data management, analytics, and CPV reporting. PIMS workspace is licensed by drug product with unlimited user seats, thereby improving visibility, productivity, and collaboration throughout internal and external operating teams

  • SVMPharma


    SVMPharma is an innovative strategic consultancy, specializing in Real World Evidence (RWE) for the pharmaceutical industry. The business generates RWE within UK and Europe through bespoke online Real World Treatment Evaluators, leading to successful health technology appraisal (HTA) submissions. SVMPharma’s specialist teams focus on delivering the outcomes that matter to the client’s brand. Additionally, the enterprise also provides Global Real World Evidence through Service Evaluation, Key Thought Leader (KTL) Influence Mapping, Healthcare Big Data Analytics, Patient Experience, Global RWE, Technology, and additional services