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Top 10 Pharma and Life Sciences Analytics Consulting/Service Companies in Europe - 2019


In today’s day and age, pharma and life sciences industry is witnessing data deluge. Data is being continuously generated by the proliferation of various sources such as personal medical devices, social media, electronic medical records, and more. With such a humongous amount of data available in the field, analytics has the potential to transform the industry. It can have a profound impact in many significant areas including strategising the intent of the patient to real world results, early detection of treatment and prescription patterns and accomplishing the operational excellence to drive through the intellectual journey of the patient. Additionally, actionable insights obtained from the data sets, can help in making informed decisions, create new products, enhance customer experience, and bolster operations.

Although analytics is being widely adopted across the industry, many loose ends remain that require an expert to fix them. The need for better tools and processes to make the industry players understand their customer needs still exists. Besides, missing out on analytics-driven insights is affecting the real-world impact of their business strategies and transforming into substantial losses in a few cases. Hence, the need arises for a skilled partner to internalises the insights generated from analytics into an organisation's day-to-day operating model and track execution against strategy.

To assist organisations in choosing the right partner, Pharma Tech Outlook has compiled a list of Top 10 Pharma and Life Sciences Analytics Service Providers in Europe for the year 2019. We are glad to feature companies such as GenomeScan. The Netherlands-based company offers a broad portfolio of customisable next-generation sequencing technology-based solutions for pharma, biotech, and academic institutions. While, the magazine also features LucidQuest that captures the best of primary research and data analytics to offer fast, reliable and forward-looking insights for customers. Agfa Labs, another company on our list, on the other hand, provides a state-of-art research facility for analytical and development services.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories, these organisations are continually proving their mettle in the field of pharma and life sciences industry. We hope this edition of the Pharma Tech Outlook helps you build robust analytical strategies.

We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Pharma and Life Sciences Analytics Service Providers Europe - 2019.”

    Top Pharma and Life Sciences Analytics Consulting/Service Companies in Europe

  • Core Life Analytics provides life scientists the access to powerful and easy to use web-based data analytics tools, allowing them to rapidly and independently, mine their high content and high throughput data. They offer a secure cloud-deployed application that will enable biologists to mine data sets rapidly. The company is also developing an online application for analysis of dose-response data. Their products help the customers leverage the power of cloud computing to independently analyze their own complex data sets, thus cutting the data-to-knowledge time

  • GenomeScan is a trusted partner for pharma and life sciences companies that offers a broad portfolio of customizable NGS-based solutions. The company’s mission is to accelerate disease diagnostics, support clinician decision making, and improve care for patients suffering from genetic disorders. Along with in-house clinical experts, the company collaborates with researchers from the prestigious Erasmus University Medical Center and Leiden University Medical Center to provide genome research methodologies and data analysis/interpretation relevant for clinical practice. GenomeScan’s forte lies in the use of latest NGS technologies: whole-genome and exome sequencing, targeted gene panels, single-cell sequencing, transcriptomics and methylation profiling on any DNA and RNA sample. Alongside genomic sequencing, GenomeScan offers disease panel testing, prenatal testing, patient stratification, cell line authentication, and microbiome analysis, to name a few

  • AbnomX


    AbnomX provides innovative in-silico antibody discovery platform and Immunoinformatics solutions for repertoire next-generation sequencing data analysis. Already applied today by a number of companies in Europe and the US, Antibody-Extractor is yielding novel and valuable insights into antibody-based research strategies. The enterprise makes repetitive, time-consuming, and error-prone daily tasks simple and easy to perform. The method saves time and maximizes antibody discovery through rationalization of the output generated from deep-sequencing discovery processes. AbnomX’s API framework provides developers with simple and efficient access to Antibody-Extractor algorithms and functions

  • CDMS


    Founded in 2005, the company emphasizes on the early stage clinical trials (Phase I-IIa) along with non-interventional studies (NIS). The company supports the project from its planning to its execution simultaneously taking care of the compliance with all the rules and regulations throughout the procedure. The company also help with clinical trial applications, maintenance, and regulatory trial assistance. With its team of experienced and highly motivated Senior Clinical Research Experts, the company delivers highly competitive and attractive offers for organizing and performing NIS including data management and statistics

  • InProcess-LSP


    Founded in 2014 and headquartered in the European Union, the company delivers Process Analytical Services for Pharma and Life Science industry. It provides complete services from feasibility and consultancy up to complete development of application, validation, and implementation. Its highly skilled and experienced team of specialists help clients with additional expertise and resources. Besides, the organization improves and optimizes the process in pharma, food & feed or any associated area by searching for a well-balanced solution. This process is done with the combination of deep knowledge of optical and spectroscopic technologies, intelligent chemometric modeling, and extended process and regulatory knowledge. It performs most of the development, feasibility, and validation activities in-house in their well-equipped PAT laboratory, which delivers logistical benefits

  • Intelliseq


    Headquartered at European Union (EU), Intelliseq is a genome informatics company which provides support to complete genome scientific research and genetic diagnosis process. The company’s interdisciplinary team comprises of professionals in the fields of molecular biology, genomics, bioinformatics, and software development. The organization emphasizes on the development of bioinformatics tools and novel algorithms devoted to the evaluation of human DNA sequence. It has developed a platform to examine the human genome for precision medicine. The company is filling the emptiness in a translation of genetics knowledge into the product market and moving towards adopting AI-based mobile apps to predict personalized risk and support treatment decisions

  • Lipidon Analytics

    Lipidon Analytics

    Founded in 2018, this bioanalytical service company aims at providing the finest customer-oriented analytical service in Europe. It intends to identifying and developing biomarkers for the cosmetic, life science, and food industries. The company stands on a proprietary mass spectrometry-based technology which delivers unmatched bioanalytical research service. These services are widely used for quantification and identification of metabolites in a wide array of samples ranging from humans, plants, and animals to food and cosmetic products. The company can detect small value-added metabolites for guiding and assisting customer decisions which range from personal food and cosmetic options up to disease or therapy evaluations, and personalized medicine opportunities

  • Mercodia


    Established in 1991, this Scandinavian biotech company develops, manufactures, distributes high-quality immunoassay kits. The company emphasis on the development of ELISA assays in clinical and research applications, especially within the areas of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. The assays that the company offers is suitable for both animals as well as humans models. It provides its products and services to all major international markets from the company’s facilities in Uppsala, Sweden. The organization collaborates with worldwide clients and institutions and offer a professional support system to develop new apps for existing products and new diagnostics for developing markets

  • Onimagin Technologies

    Onimagin Technologies

    The company was established in 2016 and is headquartered at Cordoba, Andalucia. The organization applies machine learning and image analysis of high-end technology in any context the customer wants. It can undertake any industry including life sciences, food, pharmaceutical, farming, or research project which needs quantification of data, pattern recognition, or quality control systems. The company specializes in medical imaging, biomedical engineering, computer vision, machine learning, and image analysis. Its services include custom image analysis software, in-house deployment, physical device integration, data storage and management, data analysis, and machine learning and data mining solutions

  • solvias


    Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered at Kaiseraugst, AG. It is known for its contract research, development, and manufacturing (CRO/CDMO) for the industries including biotech, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and medical devices. The excellent infrastructure and unmatched expertise enable the company to develop, analyze, and test a broad array of biological and chemical substances and products. It has well-established scientific experience and tracks record based on which, it provides integrated services, technologies, and products that enhance the value chain for clients globally. The laboratories of the company in Switzerland and France operate according to ISO, cGMP, and GLP