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Top 10 Pharma and Life Sciences Analytics Companies in Europe - 2019


In today’s day and age, pharma and life sciences industry is witnessing data deluge. Data is being continuously generated by the proliferation of various sources such as personal medical devices, social media, electronic medical records, and more. With such a humongous amount of data available in the field, analytics has the potential to transform the industry. It can have a profound impact in many significant areas including strategising the intent of the patient to real world results, early detection of treatment and prescription patterns and accomplishing the operational excellence to drive through the intellectual journey of the patient. Additionally, actionable insights obtained from the data sets, can help in making informed decisions, create new products, enhance customer experience, and bolster operations.

With that being said, there are myriad of analytics solution providers coming up with innovative solutions in the market. Be it licensing evaluation, market entry analysis, pharmaceutical forecasting or pricing analysis tool, the pharma and life sciences organisations have many options to choose from, and they often face the challenge of selecting the right solution that will cater to their data analytics needs. 

Understanding these challenges, Pharma Tech Outlook has compiled a list of Top 10 Pharma and Life Sciences Analytics Solution Providers in Europe for the year 2019 to guide pharma and life sciences organisations in harnessing the power of analytics to tackle today’s data challenges and increase revenue potential.

In the wake of these technology transitions, we are glad to feature companies like GemSeek, an innovative insight and analytics firm located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company's proprietary products and solutions help companies understand what drives prescriptions, how to improve sales & marketing, and how to boost patient acceptance and compliance. On the other hand, Medimix International offers a robust solution that can gather and synthesise evidence-based information to provide valuable insights that help pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical device companies make the best business decisions. Additionally, the magazine also features BioVariance, a genetic data analysis firm, that offers next-generation solutions to individualise medicines and therapeutic procedures.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories, the featured companies are continually proving their mettle in the pharma and life sciences landscape. We hope this issue of the Pharma Tech Outlook helps you to register growth and create better revenue streams.

We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Pharma and Life Sciences Analytics Solution Providers in Europe - 2019.”

    Top Pharma and Life Sciences Analytics Companies in Europe

  • BioVariance brings to the table a unique approach to personalize therapeutic and medicinal care. The company assists pharmaceutical organizations, healthcare firms, and biotechnology companies in providing individualized care through advanced biomarker analytics and inventive software. By feeding pathological data previously obtained from patients to advanced machine learning algorithms, BioVariable deduces the optimal diagnostics and treatment needed for each medical condition. The company goes a step further in personalizing care through its Pillbox application for permanent monitoring and control of therapy. Collectively, BioVariance’s expertise allow medical institutions to understand the onset of disease in addition to crafting individual therapeutic procedures

  • A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, Cellectis is developing a new generation of cancer immunotherapies based on gene-edited T-cells (UCART). By capitalizing on its 19 years of expertise in gene editing, built on its flagship TALEN technology and pioneering electroporation system, PulseAgile, Cellectis uses the power of the immune system to target and eradicate cancer cells. Using its life-science-focused, pioneering genome engineering technologies, Cellectis’ goal is to create innovative products in multiple fields and with various target markets. The organization is currently headquartered in Paris with additional offices in New York and North Carolina

  • It is a merger of two very complementary domains: market research and insights, and data analytics. GemSeek helps healthcare institutions to acquire in-depth knowledge of the usage and acceptance of medicine among target audience and executive stakeholders, as well as evaluate their brand positioning and market opportunities. The company offers actionable insight extracted from clients’ data and strategic consulting to respond to business-critical scenarios. The company uses relevant techniques and methodologies in research (quality and quantity) and various analytics techniques on big data for information extraction

  • Leveraging real-world evidence to generate actionable insights that help pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and medical device companies better understand drug performance. Medimix International has created a cloud-based, real-time tracker called LiveTracker™. The real-time product performance solution helps pharmaceutical firms to get a better understanding of the effectiveness of their drugs by monitoring and reporting on the patient journey, physicians’ preference on the product, awareness of the product in the market, and other key aspects. LiveTracker™ currently provides trustworthy RWE on areas including treatment outcomes, patient profiles, and market structure, in over 60 countries

  • Biomax Informatics

    Biomax Informatics

    Biomax Informatics, founded in 1997, is dedicated to developing software solutions for the real needs of life science organizations. The company’s proposed solutions deal with increasing quantities of unstructured data that allows systematic knowledge management. It includes digitalization of internal and external data, semantic integration of diverse content and methods, systematic feedback of results, and experiences for optimization and sustainability. Their agile solutions evolve with the clients that can be extended to cover new cases or business areas, thereby helping clients to get the most from their data resources

  • Core Life Analytics

    Core Life Analytics

    Core Life Analytics provides life scientists the access to powerful and easy to use web-based data analytics tools, allowing them to rapidly and independently, mine their high content and high throughput data. They offer a secure cloud-deployed application that will enable biologists to mine data sets rapidly. The company is also developing an online application for analysis of dose-response data. Their products help the customers leverage the power of cloud computing to independently analyze their own complex data sets, thus cutting the data-to-knowledge time

  • Kaizen


    Kaizen, serving pharma platform delivers integration of data from any reliable data source and provides top-class security. The company allows its customer to empower their field force, helping them find where the real business opportunities are and to act according to the demands. It helps the customers track the market status of the product and organization’s effectiveness in one screen. The medical affair analytics tool enables tracking clinical program. With the results of the analysis from diffferent tools, the decision-making process can be accelerated to speed up territory distribution. Also, it offers tools to establish goals based on forecasts and provides top-class incentives model designed for specific needs

  • Qlucore


    Qlucore develops Qlucore Omics Explorer, D.I.Y next-generation bioinformatics software for research in life science, plant and biotech industries. Utilizing 3D graphics, a point and click user interface, and state of the art statistical analysis, the company provides a visualization based software program enabling instant exploration and visualization of big data to deliver immediate results. The software tool lets the user handle and filter data, at the same time instantly visualize it in 3D, thereby aiding the user in identifying hidden structures and patterns. Further, this software engine tops others as it is extremely fast in analyzing high-dimensional data sets with the use of a normal PC in real-time



    Quinta-Analytica, founded in 1997, is a well recognized one-stop-shop company serving pharmaceutical companies worldwide with its five main pillars. It assists pharmaceutical companies in the areas of analysis and testing, quality control, stability studies, and more. It offers complete solution for bioanalytical testing and clinical testing providing with BE/BA/PK studies. The company’s API solution enables the identification and qualification of reliable API manufacturers. It carries out the design and optimization of the formulation for various FDFS. Quinta-Analytica operates in full compliance with GCP/GLP/GMP and also FDA standards

  • Saama Technologies

    Saama Technologies

    Saama Technologies, founded in 1997, is the advanced clinical data and analytics company, helping clients across the life sciences industry to access unattainable enterprise-level of raw data across their disparate business silos. Saama’s unified, AI-driven clinical data analytics platform seamlessly integrates, curates, and animates unlimited sources of structured, unstructured, and real-world data to deliver actionable insights across all therapeutic areas. The platform gives unprecedented real-time visibility into clinical data, enabling sponsors to file New Drug Applications (NDAs) more efficiently to introduce new drugs to market faster and at lower costs